The Internal Audit Profession has evolved significantly over the past decade in an attempt to remain relevant while maintaining its role as an essential business service. As an established catalyst vital for managing an organisations governance and risk management, Internal Auditing has garnered an increased presence at executive board, and operational levels within both private and public organisations.

The exponential growth in this discipline ensures that businesses are given the necessary tools to run their businesses in an objective manner, while sustaining their unique objectives. The Internal Auditing of KnM Conducts internal audits in diverse environments, within organisations that vary in purpose, size, complexity, and structure.


•  Audit readiness support
•  Compilation of GRAP compliant fixed asset register (FAR)
•  Preparation of GRAP financial statements
•  mSCOA Advisory services
•  Municipal VAT Recoveries
•  Municipal IT Services


•  Due diligence and feasibility studies
•  Financial business modelling
•  Valuations
•  Deal Advisory
•  Corporate finance


•  Regulatory IT Services
•   Cyber security & IT Risk management
•  Data & Analytics
•  IT governance framework
•  IT strategic alignment
•  IT performance monitoring

Private sector
& SOE Support

•  Corporate Governance Service
•  Forensic Audit and Investigations
•  Internal Audit
•  Performance Audit
•  Strategic Planning and Development
•  Audit readiness support
•  Risk assessment and internal control review
•  Business process re-engineering
•  Board of Directors Assessments