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Are you a seasoned experienced professional looking for flexibility and control of your own career or a graduate looking to hone your skills and mould your character? KnM might just be where you belong.

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We are always on the lookout for a “culture fit”, passionate, dedicated and consulting oriented professionals who want to make a mark for themselves.


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Professional Associate Network

Join the KnM Professional Associate Network

Wherever your next assignment takes you, KnM’s professional associate network is poised to connect you to suitable and exciting work opportunities.

Our network is a platform for connecting seasoned professionals to the next opportunity.  It is a mutually beneficial relationship, allowing you to build on the legacy of excellence in the exciting world of professional consultants. Join the revolution and stay part of something special.
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Graduate Careers - What We Look For

Different Backgrounds & Skills – But Similar Values

There are a number of criteria we ask you to meet. Our unique professional associate platform provides you with extensive career opportunities while enabling us to respond quickly and deliver consistent quality service to our clients around South Africa.

People Who Excel

We look for high performers, who consistently deliver quality work while continually looking for ways to improve.

People With Integrity

We want you to have a clear sense of personal and professional accountability, and know how to build relationships by doing the right thing.

People Who Are Good At Working With People From Different Backgrounds

We seek individuals who are good at listening, learning, sharing, developing and collaborating – welcoming and helping people from different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences to perform at their best.

People With The Courage To Lead

We want people who inspire and motivate others, and provide clear direction and encouragement in times of both prosperity and challenge.

People With Energy & Enthusiasm

We look for people who demonstrate drive, vision and determination and are passionate about helping our clients achieve their potential.

People With The Right Experience

We want people who understand the challenges of working in a professional services environment, and are focused on achieving and delivering the best for our clients.